Realistic Scale Crawlers

"Rock Crawling" is an extreme form of off-road obstacle driving using vehicles that are anywhere from factory stock to fully modified. In RC, Scale Rock Crawling has carved its own popular following due to the vehicle's scale-accurate appearance and realism.Our extensive line-up of scale and performance rock crawling platforms is sure to fit your needs, including the highly popular and limited edition Trail Roller and D90 1.9-class machines, the VEX 2.2-Class rock racer, our 3-axle High Mobility 7T-GL and Trail Roller 6x6, and more. Along with our full-hop up ARTR (Almost Ready-To-Run) vehicles, we also have a large selection of scale and performance rock crawling parts and accessories.

Integy iROCK 4x4 RTR 1/8 Rock Crawler

In Stock | AFA01


V2 Billet Machined 1/10 Trail Roller 6X6AWS Off-Road Scale Crawler ARTR

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