Hex Allen Wrenches

Tired of dealing with the mediocre kit-included allen keys? Have you tried hardware store tools and realized that they aren't meant for scale RC vehicles? Get rid of them all and work on your chassis the right way - with our precision Hex Allen Wrench Sets. Our extensive line-up of hex allen wrench sets include the portable Quick-Pit series, easy to use ProGrip series, race-level Professional Grade series, and more. We have allen wrench sets that feature Ti-Nitride hard coating, sets with spring steel tips, interchangeable tips, and included carrying cases for some models. There's also our high-leverage Billet Machined Torque series alloy hex wrenches for the larger monster trucks and 1/8-scale vehicles. Most of our hex allen drivers are available in sets as well as individual pieces so you can put together exactly what you need.