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Take advantage of our limited-time Inventory Reduction sales, and you can load up on new parts, new gear, and new accessories for your RC vehicle and your pit area. The items in this category are either NOS (new old stock), discontinued items, or simply overstock of current items that we need to reduce inventory for. All items listed are first-come first-serve, and many are limited stock, so once we run out, they’re gone forever! Everything listed in this category is $25.99 or less!

Team Pattern Wound Armature 15 X 3 For EPIC

In Stock | HWA1503T


Upper Deck Brace Pin Mount (F) for LST

Low Stock | T7310SILVER


Pullstart Handle for HPI Baja 5B

In Stock | T6825SILVER


Alloy Rear Hub Carrier (2) for Hyper 8.5

In Stock | T8503SILVER


Lower Arm (2) for Mini-LST

Low Stock | T8315SILVER


HD Alloy Front Lower Arm for Losi 8ight-T (LOSA0802)

In Stock | T8178CHROME


HD Front Suspension Arm Set for AE RC8

In Stock | T7154SILVER


Main Chassis Support Mount for HPI E-Savage

In Stock | T6959PURPLE


Alloy Servo Mount for AX10 Scorpion

Low Stock | C22789BLUE


Alloy Body Post (4) for AX10 Scorpion

In Stock | C22786GREEN


Alloy Motor Plate for HPI E-Savage

In Stock | T6960SILVER


12V Output Adapter for 12V Power Supply

In Stock | 1841


Alloy Arm Mount (2) for HPI E-Savage

In Stock | T6955SILVER


Alloy Rear Bumper for Hellfire

In Stock | T8410SILVER


F&R Gearbox Bracket (2) for Mini-LST

Low Stock | T8309BLUE


Alloy Rear Hub Carrier (2) for Hyper 8.5

In Stock | T8503GREY


Alloy Center Bottom Plate for LST, LST2 & AFT

In Stock | T7308BLUE


Alloy Caster Blocks for Associated GT2

In Stock | T7823SILVER


Main Chassis Support Mount for HPI E-Savage

In Stock | T6959SILVER


Alloy Long Pulley for HIPPO

Low Stock | 1551


Alloy Shock Tower (1) for HPI Savage 21 & 25

In Stock | T7010S


Steel Clutch Bell 15T for T-Maxx w/ 3B.B.

In Stock | T3663


HD Alloy Servo Mount for Hellfire

In Stock | T8413SILVER