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COVID-19 INTEGY STATUS UPDATE (as of May 11th, 2020)


Let's get straight to the topic at hand: WHERE IS YOUR ORDER?

To be honest, it's been a challenging 2 months. California has been under a "Stay at Home" mandate for over 8 weeks now, and it's not over yet. Ever since the pandemic began, 80% of our office staff transitioned to "Work From Home" status, and we have reduced and staggered work hours in our U.S. warehouse in the interest of employee safety. Last Friday there were some restrictions lifted, but the World as we know it is still far from getting back to something we all can call "normal".

At the same time, with more people turning to Online purchasing as a result of Shelter in Place orders nationwide, we had a significant surge in new orders placed. The increased number of orders (actually over 150% more than usual for this time period!) has excessively exceeded our normal capacity, and we've been struggling to keep up with what limited resources we have at this time. And if that isn't enough to throw a wrench in the works, the main shipping service we use, USPS, has been having their share of issues as well. over the past month we've been noticing that many USPS tracking numbers are being updated late, or showing incorrect routing information, or worse - not showing package movement at all, even if the packages are actually in transit. We have contacted USPS numerous times about this, and they simply said that they are overwhelmed as well, and that they are trying to keep up with the surge in shipping.

So going back to what we've had many customers ask us quite often in recent times: your order is being processed as quickly as we can manage. The combined surge from our website, eBay, and Amazon sales has almost tripled since the pandemic began, and sure - from a business standpoint any increase in sales is pretty awesome - but on the other hand we did not expect this large of a surge and thus our limited warehouse staff (less than a handful of people) who have been tying to fulfill orders have been overwhelmed with the increased volume we're experiencing. Even after bringing in extra help, the surge in orders has still pushed order processing back to a 6-9 day processing window. We recently brought in extra warehouse staff in an effort to reduce processing time, and they are still processing orders as quickly as humanly possible while observing safety procedures and proper distancing.

So rest assured, your order will be processed and will be shipped out, we just need some time to get it all done.

With the above said, if your purchase is time sensitive or you cannot wait a week for your order to arrive, go ahead and visit us at our Help Desk and let us know you wish to cancel. please be aware that we cannot guarantee a specific delivery date. Also note that selecting expected shipping does not speed up processing time for your order; All incoming orders are processed chronologically, we do not offer any paid option to speed up order processing time.

So that's basically where we stand right now. We know that this may cause some frustration for our customers, but we ask for patience during these trying times. Yes, it is our hobby too, and we understand that a lot of our customers are leaning towards their RC hobby right now to pass the time and avoid going stir-crazy with the current situation. But please keep in mind that we're dealing with a situation and certain restrictions that involves not just our employee safety, but everyone's safety and well-being as a whole. So as always - please be safe and careful. We're not out in the clear yet, but with patience and awareness of what we need to do during this crisis, eventually we will pull through this together - not just as an RC community, but as a family. Look out for your elders and those vulnerable. Stay cautious and practice social distancing. Our RC hobby can still be enjoyed responsibly during this crisis.

Thank you, and stay safe out there.

Team Integy





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1. How do I get tech support or more info about an Integy product or my orders?
For tech support, replacement parts, or general product questions regarding our products, please use our Online Ticket System. The system will generate a ticket number and one of our staff will respond to your inquiry. Please include all available information in your ticket; your order ID number (16 digits), invoice number (6-digits), and/or Integy part numbers (from our website) will help expedite the ticket. Photos are optional, but also give our staff a better understanding of your situation right away. Please allow 24 hours for a reply; please note that the Online Ticket System is available during business hours only (Mon-Fri 10:00AM-5:00PM PST, excluding holidays). Tickets made during non-business hours will be responded to on the following business day during regular hours. If you need visual assistance in creating a Help Desk ticket, click here: Help Desk Instructions

2. When will my order ship?
All orders will take 1-3 business days to process depending on order size, product stock and availability. Orders placed on weekends, on holidays, or after 12 noon do not begin processing until the next business day. Actual order processing time is dependent on order size, product stock and availability, method of shipment, and volume of demand (usually highest during holiday season).

3. How can I track my purchase??
Upon shipment of your order, you will be sent a confirmation email that includes the tracking number for your order as well as the actual order invoice to be sent as an attachment; you can track the status of your shipment by going to,, or Globegistics websites.

4. How can I get Integy stickers for my RC vehicles?
For a free decal sheet, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope (at least 3.5" tall) to:

Integy Decal Request
4010 Valley Blvd #110
Walnut CA 91789 United States

*Note: There are no on-site sales, tech support, or customer service available at this location; it is a warehouse and distribution center only. This location is a warehouse and distribution center only. There is NO tech support, customer service, walk-up warranty, direct product purchasing, or will-call pickups available at this address!




5. How do I place an order?
Our web store at is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to accept orders. Please note that all prices are listed in United States Dollars (USD). Prices do not include tax (CA residents only). Prices for international orders will be based on the current conversion rates at the time the order is placed. Foreign import taxes or duties are not included.

6. Can I cancel my order?
Sorry, but once an order has begun processing it can no longer be cancelled or modified, for security and anti-fraud purposes. If you made a mistake ordering, you have 30 days to return the item(s) for a refund;please go to our Return & Exchanges page for more information.

7. Can I make a change to my order after I've placed it?

Address Changes or Modifications:
Sorry, but we cannot make any address changes after an order is placed!!! When paying with credit card, the billing and shipping addresses MUST MATCH. No exceptions. When paying with PayPal your address will be the PayPal confirmed address that you have in the PayPal system. No exceptions. This is stated in the shopping cart clearly during online checkout. We are not responsible for wrong shipping addresses found to be entered by the buyer at the time of purchase; we will only ship to the address entered into the "Billing/Shipping" address box for each order by the customer, or the PAYPAL confirmed address only (if order is paid by PAYPAL).

Item Changes/Substitutions: Sorry, but we can no longer make changes to quantities/color of items ordered, addition/removal of items, change of values for customs, or change in shipping method once an order has been placed and finalized.

Change in Shipping Method: The shipping method cannot be changed once an order is placed. Please do not contact us after placing your order asking to change the shipping address or shipping method.

8. What if I make a mistake on my order (any reason above)?
If you made a mistake in any portion of the order form (mistyped address, mistaken item ordering, etc.) please contact Tech Support (see below) and they will try their best to catch and cancel your pending order if it hasn't been processed, but there is no guarantee that the correction will be made in time; if an order is already processing it will be completed and shipped as-is.

NOTE: Starting a help desk ticket does not guarantee that your order will be cancelled in time before shipping. If we cannot cancel your order in time, you have 30 calendar days from the date of purchase to send the items back for a refund credit* (see our Return Policy for complete details.)


9. How do I get help (non-tech support) with my Amazon or eBay purchase?
Please use the Amazon Seller Contact System or the eBay Messaging System for anything related to sales, shipping, returns, or tracking of your purchase. If you have a technical support question about a product, please initiate contact through our online ticket system (see Tech Support, below).

10. How do I get tech support or more info about a 3rd-party branded product?
With regards to third party branded products (3Racing, G.T. Power, FlySky, Hobbywing, SPECS, Street Jam, SkyRC, Toro, etc.) we will have limited support options available. if we cannot provide tech support for the specific item, you will be directed to contact the actual third party manufacturer directly. We do not guarantee tech support, product info, or warranty claims for third-party brands sold in our web store. If you need contact information for third-party products, please contact us for more information.

11. Can I speak to someone over the phone?
Unfortunately we do not offer customer service by telephone at this time. Please use the ticket system if your issue is not applicable to any of the above. Please do not include your phone number when making a ticket; all assistance is done through online method only.

12. What if I received the wrong color or quantity from your warehouse?
If there was an error in shipping (wrong color shipped vs. color ordered, incorrect quantities, etc.) for orders made on or items purchased directly from Integy on eBay or Amazon (sold by Integy only, not third party sellers), we will gladly correct the error and get you the correct parts as long as the incorrect items sent to you are still in their original, sealed and unopened packaging (with header tag intact). Contact us through our Online Ticket System and let us know about the mistake, and we will initiate the exchange process. Please note that if you open the package you are accepting the delivery as received, and no exchange will be allowed.

Please thoroughly check your orders and products once you purchase/receive it. If a shipment arrives at your door with apparent shipping damage, please refuse the delivery. If you ordered a product directly from the web store and it is missing a component, please go to our Get Help/Contact page to contact Tech Support using our Online Ticket System. You must contact us within 7 days of receipt to get a replacement.

13. How do I get spare components or hardware for an item I purchased from you?
Some individual components, hardware, or spare parts may have to be special ordered from the factory. Special orders may take 3-12 weeks to arrive from the factory. We do not guarantee that we can get individual components and/or hardware bags only from the factory. For availability, please inquire using our Online Ticket System.

14. How do I get replacement/missing/spare components for a 3rd-party branded product?
If your third-party branded product (3Racing, G.T. Power, FlySky, Hobbywing, SPECS, Street Jam, SkyRC, Toro, etc.) is missing parts/hardware, needs replacement parts we do not carry on our web store, or has a defective part included, you must contact the third-party manufacturer directly. We only have a limited inventory of certain parts from these third-party brands sold in our web store. If you need contact information for third-party products, please contact us for more information.


15. What does each product stock status mean?
Our website will show the stock status of each item on the item page before you place your order – items will be shown as:

A. “In stock”: These items are currently in the warehouse ready to order and ready to ship out.

B. “Low stock”: These items are very limited in quantity; you may place an order but if the remaining stock is already reserved for an earlier customer order, your order cannot be fulfilled and we will contact you about a possible replacement/alternate part, or other solution (cancellation, refund, etc.)

C. “Out of stock until [date]”: These items are sold out and/or not available in the warehouse. However the stock status will say when we expect a restock of that specific part#. Please note that although we have ordered more from the factory, some OOS items are dependent on factory production. We do not guarantee that we will get a restock of these parts, we can only give an estimate as to when we may get more.

D. “Out of stock and discontinued”: These items discontinued, and we are no longer producing any more of this specific part number.

NOTE: We do not do notifications for "out of stock" products; The product page reflects our inventory and will show up-to-date stock levels and when the product is back in stock.

16. What if the price changes for a part I bought? Do you price match with other sellers?
The price shown in the shopping cart upon checkout is the price you pay at the time the order is placed. We do not adjust previous orders to reflect any later price change or discount. We do not price match with other retailers selling Integy products - the retailers set their own pricing. Integy Inc. reserves the right to limit, restrict, or cancel any orders for items with incorrect pricing at any time without notice.

17. How long do price changes, limited discounts, and promo codes last?
Any price changes, discounts and promo codes are for a limited time only. We may lower the retail price of an item temporarily to move overstock. Discounts are only valid while they are shown on the website. Discount codes must be applied at the time an order is placed; discount codes cannot be retroactively applied to any already placed order. Integy Inc. reserves the right to limit, restrict, or cancel any credits, discount codes, promo codes, or gift certificates at any time without notice.

18. I forgot to add my discount code or coupon to my order, can I add it after the order is placed?
Sorry but we cannot retroactively apply a discount code/coupon code after an order is placed.

19. Where is the Customer Gallery?
You can connect to our multimedia web site by clicking here to upload images, videos, information and interact with other users.


20. I am a Dealer/Retailer/Hobby Shop, how can I carry Integy products?
For dealer, retailer, and hobby shop inquiries (order info or issues, distribution, add orders, new retailer accounts, etc.) please initiate contact here. Our FAX number for dealer licensing usage is 909-444-2700.

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